SMARTfit User Interface App Videos

Overview of the SMARTfit App in Rehab Mode

App Overview

Level 1
Getting Started and Administrative functions

Quick Start – Strike Pods

Quick Start – Mini

Quick Start – Single

Create a new Account on the Cloud

How to Create a Trainer Profile

How to Create a Client Profile

How to Register Your SMARTfit Controller

Modes and License Keys

User Settings

Controller Settings

Switching Between a Local and Cloud Sign In

Trainer Requests and Client Accepts

Updating Software

4 Icons on the Sign in Page

How to Close Your SMARTfit System

Level 2
SMARTfit's Gamified Categories Explained

SMARTfit’s Gamified Categories Explained

Rallywall Category

Track Categories

Seek Categories

Chase Categories


Pattern Recognition

Knock The Lights Out Categories


Equations Categories



Level 3
Accessing over 2,000 Pre-designed Activities and Programs with How-to Videos

Predesigned Activities

Predesigned Programs

How to Create an Activity

How to Create a Program

How to Set a Featured Activity

Level 4 Mastering The Features of the Build Tab

How to Create a Target Sequence

How to Create a Target Selection

How to Build a Word List

Reporting on a Patients Progress

Exporting Data to An Excel File

Quick Access to Predesigned Programs and Reports

Level 5 A
The Test Tab - SMARTfit's Dual Task Cost Tests

SMARTfit’s 24 Dual Task Cost Tests Take 5 Minutes and Provide Instant Reporting

Unique to SMARTfit, these 24 tests of strength, balance and gait measure the loss of performance when executing these tasks while concurrently doing an unrelated cognitive task.  

This loss of performance while doing the cognitive and physical tasks together is called the dual task cost and it indicates a persons risk of cognitive and/or motor decline.  By tracking dual task cost periodically while engaging in training, it is easy to tell how effective the training is.

This video shows an example of how a test is conducted as well as how to use the instant report generated to interpret cognitive and motor weaknesses. It also provides a guide on which SMARTfit pre-designed programs would best help to address these weaknesses.

Periodic retesting will provide detailed graphs on the progress being made.

Level 5 B
Groups - Multi-site Set-up Instructions

Multi-site Set-Up and Management

SMARTfit now provides evidence-based technology that automatically tracks data from rehab or wellness programs across the entire organization – providing the ability to:

  • demonstrate efficacy at HQ,
  • increase staff accountability,
  • motivate participants by sharing assessment and training results with them and:
  • market the overall results to attract more participants and differentiate your business!

SMARTfit does all that and more, tracking key brain and body performance data by participant, trainer/therapist, and location.

Level 5 C
Group Training

How to Create a Group

How to Share a Group Program

How to Create and Join a Public Group

How to Run a Small Group Program

How to extract Multi-Site & Multiplayer Data

Level 5 D
Using QR Wristbands to Log In Clients and Track Their Data

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