SMARTfit Orthopedic Rehabilitation Exercise Programs

SMARTfit orthopedic rehab programs offer turnkey rehabilitation and corrective exercise programs designed to address various common and specific orthopedic conditions. These rehab programs have been developed by industry experts to facilitate quick access to quality exercises while also allowing for customization to meet the specific needs of each client. 

SMARTfit’s cloud-based technology solutions allow for the potential agile development of additional programming needs for virtually any condition or population, with the potential to integrate with external technologies. SMARTfit empowers therapists with science and technology while leaving the artful and individualized approach to rehabilitation to the practitioners. This is further supported by SMARTFit’s tools for scalability and validating programs and their progress for individual patients or groups of rehab-oriented populations. 

Turnkey programming works by choosing your desired intervention, click “Start”, and the program will run, alongside patient and/or practitioner-facing instruction, all while collecting performance data in real-time. This data can be analyzed, reported and extracted for further use in documentation, reporting, and research. Here are some common examples of orthopedic programs showing what can be easily accessed and operated from within the SMARTfit app-based user-interface:

SMARTfit Turnkey Orthopedic Rehabilitation Exercise Programs – Click on each video icon to see examples of what SMARTfit’s Pre-designed programs may look like based on existing solutions for commonly-desired orthopedic outcomes:  

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