Occupational Therapy Applications

SMARTfit allows Occupational Therapists to design individualized programs for patients with Upper Extremity, visual, and cognitive impairments.  Using our therapy-reporting software, track and validate results using the real-time data collection feature in the User Interface App. Results can easily be exported to integrate with other reporting standards.

How SMARTfitOS Works in Occupational Therapy Environments:

SMARTfit’s predesigned programming provides activities that can be used for:

  • Increasing upper extremity strength, range of motion, and endurance
  • Motor and visual-perceptual training 
  • Enhancing visual reaction time
  • Improving problem solving skills and bilateral hand-eye coordination
  • Refining motor skills and coordination

Patients are Motivated to Complete their Treatment:​

  • SMARTfit is engaging, fun and motivating regardless of the patient’s age or ability
  • Progressive programming motivates participation by building on patient success
  • Engaging therapeutic activities promote both retention as well as fast recovery
  • The ability to see session-to-session progress motivates patients to complete their treatment
"SMARTfit has been a great addition to our facilities and we are absolutely in love with this machine which we use for cognitive reaction time, sequencing, crossing mid-line, and balance training. In addition to our occupational therapists using SMARTfit, our speech therapists and physical therapists are using it as well. SMARTfit has been a great addition to our facilities and I encourage anybody out there looking for something to set yourself apart from the pack then take a look at SMARTfit."
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