New Releases From SMARTfit

Software Enhancements Released in May 2023

  1. Easier Log In: A new front-end with pop-ups helps new people to get started easily.
  2. Leaderboards:  Fitness Mode now incorporates the ability to track leaderboards on any pre-designed activitiy.
  3. Challenges: Fitness mode is introducing monthly challenges for 55+ independent older adults.
  4. Kiosk free play: Activities can now be played for fun offering the abiity to get started without logging in.  This is a great way to introduce SMARTfit to a new facility.
  5. Game descriptions: Now in English, Mandarin and Spanish. Further, each game folder now describes which domains of the brain they focus on.
  6. New game: Corsi Block has been added as a game.
  7. Modes: Switch between subscriptions:  Rehab, Performance and Schools Modes. Rehab mode provides access to all modes.
  8. QR Wristband for quick access to data for Individual/Group training: This feature allows multiple participants to track their data in a single workout session without logging them out and in each time. To enjoy this feature be sure to order QR wristbands for each participant.
  9. Corporate multi-site reporting- Organization groups: This feature allows multiple sites to work under one password protected group allowing them to build shared programming and review progress data at each site.
  10. Advanced Reporting: Data extraction via API for multi-level site resource management and performance tracking. (in development)
  11. Tactical training for military/police/fire: This section in Fitness Mode now features the programming we developed for the US Marines
  12. Frequently Asked Questions: has been added to the app to help customers get to answers quickly.
  13. Multi-site Programming and Data Management: This feature allows multiple sites to work under one password protected group allowing them to build shared programming and review progress data at each site.
  14. Baseline Dual Task Cost Testing for Independent, Assisted Level Clients: This feature provides baseline testing and tracking of an individuals cognitive and motor performance while engaging in both functions at the same time.  It is a powerful predictor of physical and cognitive improvement or decline in a real life situation.  The tests provide recommended programming designed to reverse, prevent or slow further decline.
  15. Assisted Programming: 950 New video supported activities designed specifically for assisted level patients and older adults (available in both rehab and fitness modes)
  16. Advanced Customization and Simplification of The SMARTfit User-Interface App: SMARTfit now provides users with the ability to only see and use the features of interest to their specific interests or needs. Any part of the app that is not applicable can be turned of

Play Tab and Provided Videos to Explain How Each Section Works:

Learning how the App works. Here are the revised videos that will help you to find what you need quickly:


In an effort to make it easier to understand how the games work we have sorted them into folders by type and provided a training video in each folder.  

Predesigned Activities:

This Tab provides folders that add dual task physical exercises to the games showing the right form and function while the games are being played.  These set up the right physical conditions to achieve the desired outcome.  Trainers and therapists can use these activities to build out a program for each client within their client accounts.  Within each folder, we have further sorted the activities into specifically labeled folders to guide trainers/therapists more directly to what they need.  The search feature allows you to find exercises more quickly.

Predesigned Programs:

This Tab provides folders of predesigned activities that are already grouped into programs ready to go.  Each programs has a list of activities that cycle through showing videos before starting and collecting data for progress reporting purposes.  This ensures that the trainer is using safe practices when playing the games.

SMARTfit Neuro Programming for the Strike Pods:

This wonderful package of 72 exercises designed for older adults and patients recovering from stroke and Parkinson’s is now available in both rehab and commercial fitness modes.
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