SMARTfit Neuro Rehabilitation Intervention Exercise Programs

SMARTfit neuro rehab intervention programs offer quick access to turnkey rehab exercise programs designed to address a variety of neurological conditions in patients with acute and chronic neurological conditions including stroke, concussion, and MCI. These filmed programs have been developed by industry experts to facilitate quick access to quality neuro rehabilitation intervention exercises while also allowing for customization to meet the specific needs of each client. As a result, the art remains with the therapist and SMARTfit provides the tool for scalability, efficiency and validation of progress.

SMARTfit’s cloud-based technology solutions allow for the potential agile development of additional programming needs for virtually any condition or population, with the potential to integrate with external technologies. SMARTfit empowers therapists with science and technology while leaving the artful and individualized approach to rehabilitation to the practitioners. This is further supported by SMARTFit’s tools for scalability and validating programs and their progress for individual patients or groups of rehab-oriented populations. 

Turnkey programming works by choosing your desired intervention, click “Start”, and the program will run, alongside patient and/or practitioner-facing instruction, all while collecting performance data in real-time. This data can be analyzed, reported and extracted for further use in documentation, reporting, and research. Here are some common examples of neuro programs showing what can be easily accessed and operated from within the SMARTfit app-based user-interface:

Neuro – Click on each video icon to see an example of SMARTfit’s Pre-designed programs:

Standing Cognitive Level 3

Memory Colors Standing (Level 3)

Go-No-GO Standing (Level 3)

Attention by Colors (Level 3)

Positional Vestibular The Positional Vestibular training program may stimulate a variety of vestibular functions through positional changes relative to gravity. These positions have functional carry-over to other movements necessary for progressing a rehabilitation program. The following sequence of gamified activities will be played 1 time:
  • Heel To Toe (Level 1) x2
  • One-Leg Stance (Level 1) x2
  • Prone Plank (Level 1) x1
  • Diagonal Plank (Level 1) x2
Total Gamified Activities: 7 Progressive Vestibular Progressive Vestibular training program may stimulate a variety of vestibular functions through hopping and dynamic perturbations. These movements may uniquely stimulate the vestibular system to be adapted to rapidly changing positions while training the foundations of agility and dynamic balance for more advances exercises later on in a rehabilitation program. The follow sequence of games will be played 1 times:
  • Rhythmic Hops (Level 1) x1
  • Vertical Jumps (Level 1) x1
  • SL Forward Jumps (Level 1) x1
Total Games: 3
Lower Body Coordination (Level 1) The Lower Extremity Coordination program aims to train lower body stability, coordination, and timing while placing concurrent cognitive demands on the user, which may serve as program for progressing individuals and potentially moving towards functional carry-over to real-world environment. The following sequence of gamified activities will be played 1 time:
  • Lateral Lunge To Balance (Level 1) x1
  • Lunge To Balance (Level 1) x1
  • Opposite Leg-Hand Reaches (Level 1) x1
  • Step Up-Downs (Level 1) x1
  • Box Jumps (Level 1) x1
Total Gamified Activities: 5
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