Multi-site Programming and Data Management

Performance tracking and Reporting  by Facility, Therapist, and Patient

SMARTfit now provides evidence-based technology that automatically tracks data from rehab or wellness programs across the entire organization – providing the ability to:

  • demonstrate efficacy at HQ,
  • increase staff accountability,
  • motivate participants by sharing assessment and training results with them and:
  • market the overall results to attract more participants and differentiate your business!

SMARTfit does all that and more, tracking key brain and body performance data by participant, trainer/therapist, and location.

Clients, residents, and members love the experience. The gamified, dual-task (brain-body) programming not only gets faster and more effective results – it’s also engaging and challenging for all ages and ability levels, so people keep returning for more.

For instructions on how to set up and manage this feature see Section 5B  of our customer support user-interface training videos:

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