Motor Control - Parkinson's Rehab Intervention Exercise Programs

SMARTfit Parkinson’s rehab intervention programs offer quick access to  turnkey exercise programs designed to address motor coordination and vestibular health.  These filmed programs have been developed by industry experts to facilitate quick access to quality exercises while also allowing for customization to meet the specific needs of each client.  As a result, the art remains with the therapist and SMARTfit provides the tool for scalability, efficiency and validation of progress.

Here are some examples of brain health programs showing what can be accessed from within the SMARTfit app-based user-interface:

Motor / Vestibular – Click on each video icon to see an example of SMARTfit’s Pre-designed programs:

Multiplaner Lower Body (Level 1) The following sequence of games will be played 1 times:
  • Stand Sit (Level 1) x1
  • Kneeling Getup (Level 1) x1
  • Reverse Lunge (Level 1) x1
  • Lateral Lunge (Level1) x1
Total Gamified Activities: 4 Functional Stepping (Level 2) The following sequence of games will be played 1 times:
  • Forward Steps (level 2) x1
  • Backward Steps (Level 2) x1
  • Side Steps (Level 2) x1
Total Gamified Activities: 3
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