Functional and Brain Training Programs for Wellness Programs

SMARTfit offers Wellness Facilities a wide range of applications in wellness and active aging personal and small group exercise classes.  These include dual-tasking programs for physical and cognitive health. SMARTfit’s video supported programs are easy to learn and implement and may be applied for specific individual needs or as adjunctive approach to serve as part of preventive health strategies for memory, balance and socialization.

SMARTfit Provides Many Benefits to Wellness Facilities

SMARTfit training programs are excellent for post-rehab wellness facilities and center programs as they are easy to customize for each participants specific training plan. A customized training plan can be developed and based on the participants own SMARTfit data collected from the user interface app during their treatment and rehab.

This ensures appropriate continuance of their recovery program as they transition to general exercise. Each persons training program can be designed to focus on their own specific neurological, orthopedic, vestibular and cognitive needs.

Getting started with SMARTfit is easy. Therapists and their assistants will enjoy the simple set-up and quick access to programs. 


Infuse Your Wellness Program With Fun!

SMARTfitOS is enjoyed by wellness participants of all ages and abilities! Scaleable and customizable programs can be set to meet each individuals performance goals.

Fun therapy activities that build on tracked success promotes retention and fast recovery. In conclusion, the ability to see progress from session to session motivates participants to keep coming back. 

SMARTfit training programs for wellness facilities & centers are pre-designed programs that are available for one-on-one personal training, or, for small group exercise

Emerging research is beginning to highlight the benefits of combining exercise, motor training, and cognitive training simultaneously to enhance both cognitive and physical outcomes. This simultaneous training approach is thought to be more beneficial to cognitive abilities than performing physical exercise, rehabilitative movements, or cognitive training alone. These mechanisms have explanations within the fields of neurology, anthropology and neuroscience, all of which point towards complementary and multi-factorial mechanisms that can lead to enhanced cognitive and physical performance.
Ryan Glatt
Pacific Brain Health Center/Reasearch Associate, Brain Health Coach, Cognitive Fitness Trainer
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