SMARTfit Incorporated

SMARTfit Inc., based in Camarillo, California, develops and manufactures revolutionary neurorehab training device focused on dual task cognitive-motor training systems.  Designed to address a variety of populations dealing chronic and acute neurological conditions such as: MCI/dementia, TBI, MS, concussion, autism, stroke and Parkinson’s, SMARTfit is a comprehensive and scalable technology which can uniquely assist in the assessment, rehabilitation and reporting on an individual’s progress and performance.

SMARTfit’s proprietary operating system is capable of delivering a wide spectrum of gamified training protocols for almost any population, and provide evidence-led assessments, training and treatment strategies to address a full spectrum of cognitive-motor conditions. SMARTfit is currently working with leading experts and key opinion leaders to complete clinical trials and to develop new protocols focusing on mitigating or rehabilitating a broad range of neurological conditions.

SMARTfit’s gamified programming gains its power by using its Android/iOS App to drive computerized interactive targets each with their on display and sensing system  that deliver content to achieve multisensory engagement from the participants. This motivates patients to engage in coordinated cognitive, motor and functional movements which deliver quicker results.

Over 400 active installations used by organizations including:

We excel in offering tailored solutions for each type of orthopedic or neurological need.

We can guide you through the process of updating your facility to include the SMARTfit’s highly engaging and immersive gamification programs designed to keep patients highly engaged while delivering rapid results.

Our headquarters are located in Camarillo, California, just northwest of Los Angeles. We provide our SMARTfit® solutions worldwide* through dealers/distributors and directly within the US.

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