SMARTfit Dual-Task Training Helps Improve Human Performance by Creating and Strengthening Neural Pathways so You Can:

  • Make quicker, smarter decisions while moving
  • Execute physical and mental skills more efficiently
  • Process what you see faster so you can react faster
  • Train to get into the flow/zone quickly
  • Improve focus, balance, coordination, and speed
  • Build Cognitive Reserve to Delay Cognitive Decline

Dual Task Neuro-Rehabilitation, Orthopedic and Brain Health Training Applications Designed to Rapidly Enhance Cognitive Function and Physical Mobility

Inbuilt Dual Task Programming Addresses the Following:


  • Acute and Chronic Neuro including stroke and concussion
  • Orthopedic
  • Return to Sport
  • Sensory-Motor
  • Speech
  • Balance


  • Loss of Physical and Cognitive Abilities
  • Onset of Parkinson’s, MCI, and Dementia
  • Wellness Programs

SMARTfit Dual Task Training Activates all Brain Lobes to Link the Brain and Body Through Movement

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