Neuro-Rehabilitation, Orthopedic and Brain Health Training Applications Designed to Rapidly Enhance Cognitive Function and Physical Mobility


Cognitive Function While Moving


Orthopedic, Neuro, Speech and Vestibular Rehab


Falls, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia 


Onset of Parkinson’s, MCI, Dementia


Activities of daily Living (ADL), Return-to-Play

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SMARTfit's Neuro-Cognitive Gym

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“SMARTfit is the only technology that can scale cognitive demand while concurrently executing a wide variety of physical movements and skills.  

Progressive increments in cognitive demand while concurrently scaling physical demands ensures leveling and prevents overwhelm or boredom.  

This allows the concept of demand and supply to produce optimum results for neuroplasticity.  This applies to new learning, recovery and preventions.”  Mike Studer, PT, world renowned expert in dual tasking.

SMARTfit’s Gamified Training Enhances Human Performance by Training the Brain and Body to Function Efficiently Together.

Delivers Pre-designed Cognitive-motor Programming in Any and All Therapeutic Disciplines Including PT, OT and Speech Therapy Applications.  

SMARTfit uniquely offers:
Find out how the SMARTfit Creates a Scalable Dual Task Training Space For Every Patient:

Jane Mead - Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers - Glendale, CA

“Rehabilitating the body during movement is one thing, but with SMARTfit we can integrate cognitive, motor and functional movements to stimulate neuroplasticity.  SMARTfit has created interactive games that bring together cognitive dual-tasking with functional balance and movement.” Jane Mead, PT. DPT, MS.

Kelly Willenborg, Certified Brain Health Gerontologist - MyMemoryWorks, IL

“Here it is! I’ve been testing cognitive interventions for the last 6 years. AT LAST… This product is THE distruptor that the neuro-motor industry has needed! Kudos to the developers! We are slowing the changes in aging bodies and brains! MyMemoryWorx is pionering the way in Central Illinois!” Kelly Willenborg, Certified Brain Health Gerontologist

Elizabeth McQueary - Banner Sports Medicine and Concussion Center - Phoenix, AZ

“SMARTfit is a smart choice!  I really enjoy this tool and use it every day with almost all of my patients. My patients love it and some refuse to leave without working out on it.  It is a great tool as it advances otherwise basic care plans and makes it more engaging and motivating for patients. I use it for patients from all age groups. My Youngest patient is 7 and my oldest is 70. 

It is so versatile and maximizes my ability to treat in the short time. I use my I-Pad to choose programming and I can change things up as I go. I keep it fun, light, and exciting and it gives the patient insight on how they are doing from one day to the next.

The dual task cost tests and retests are a great way to track objectively how a patent is progressing and how they improve over time. They are a great time saver to print out data that can support the benefits of the treatment and assist in effective and clear documentation.” Elizabeth McQueary, OT,


Dual Tasking Orthopedic Rehabilitation exercises developed by industry experts


Dual Tasking Neurological Rehabilitation exercises focused on stroke, concussion and sensory integration

Dual Tasking Motor Rehabilitation exercises for slowing the onset of Parkinson’s

Brain Health/Medical Wellness

Engaging Dual Tasking Brain Health exercises for slowing the onset of aging

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Developed By Industry Experts

SMARTfit programming improves retention, accelerates results, and increases patient flow with its extensive library of training protocols (with how-to videos) that can be delivered at the tap of a finger.

Choose a program, click start, and SMARTfit will deliver the exercises and collect progress data while freeing therapists to focus on correcting form.

SMARTfit’s 5-minute dual task test (developed by Mike Studer), provides direction on the choice of optimum client programming.


Meet our Scientific Board and Research Partners

“The bottom line is practice, practice practice! Patients do not get enough so SMARTfit provides the ability to continue what the therapists are doing.” 

“Everything in Parkinson’s research points to the need for combining cognitive challenges with physical activities – I cannot think of a better way to do that than with SMARTfit.”

Beth Fisher, PhD, PT, FAPTA

Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy Director, Neuroplasticity and Imaging Laboratory Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy, University of Southern California

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