Marcos Matthews Includes SMARTfit in His Blueprint to Become Elite

I’m Marcos Matthews, I play for Leganes B in Madrid.

When you look at the differences in the level of play between the high school level, the college level, and the professional level the main factors are your decision-making and how fast you can make those decisions. Making intelligent decisions comes with experience playing the game but to improve the speed at making those decisions is the area where players fail the most.  You not only have to be a good athlete, but you also need to know how to process all the moving parts of the game efficiently and quickly in order to stay ahead and win.

This is where SMARTfit saved me.  As a freshman in high school, I was already playing on the varsity team. Wanting to become a dominant player, I went to the academy level. This is where SMARTfit came into play. Even though I was one of the top players in high school, I was getting torn apart at the academy due to my slow decision-making speed.

I thought the game was happening faster than usual. Shortly after, I was brought to SMARTfit by my trainer, Raul Murillo, at Core Athletics Academy who decided to introduce me to SMARTfit training. Here I was able to focus on my reaction speed, and on speeding up my response time and information processing under pressure. SMARTfit’s ability to put me into real-game mode is what helped condition me for a high-speed game. Training with SMARTfit two to three times a week sped up my game and my ability to comprehend larger amounts of information faster which quickly improved the speed of my decision-making on the field.

I kept training with SMARTfit until I graduated from high school and was signed to play professionally in Europe. I started with SMARTfit at the age of 16 struggling to keep up and due to the help of SMARTfit, at the age of 20, I’m currently playing with my second professional team in Spain.

I couldn’t imagine how much of an impact that SMARTfit training could have on my game. I would recommend every athlete from all sports to come to SMARTfit. Athletes don’t know what they are missing until they taste a new level of improvement.

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