SMARTfit Multi-Station Trainer

The SMARTfit Multi-station Trainer consists of between 2 and 4 separated stations designed for Children Play with SMARTfit Multi-Station Trainercompeting team play for Group X and Large Group X.

The SMARTfit Controller

  • Has the power to drive four stations and each station can accommodate up to 10 team members.
  • Each station features a scoreboard and 9 strike and touch sensitive targets capable of displaying words and numbers (see game list on Programming page.
  • Incorporates a time clock and high fidelity sound system which delivers audio tones, cues, voice instruction for use in large rooms and gyms.
  • Game settings can turn off groups of targets when they’re not needed for a particular drill. This allows for a full spectrum of play by all skill and ability levels of participants.
  • Includes adjustable target touch sensitivity.

With the SMARTfit Multi-station Trainer participants play mentally stimulating games while running, playing ball, balancing, and doing core stability exercises. Users learn to think under pressure while applying strategy and technique. This allows users to build skills like managing footwork, balance, ball control, speed and agility all while having fun.

Alphanumeric Targets:

  • Display colors, numbers, letters or symbols.
  • Drive cognitive games such as: Chase the Alphabet, Find Smiley, Tackle the Number Sequence, Counting, Lights Out Race, Memory, Action Math, Symbols and Shapes.
  • Are triggered by striking them with a hand, foot, ball, bat, bean bag, as well as hand weights.
  • Creates a highly stimulating environment for producing rapid training in mental processing speed, functional and physical fitness.

Options: View Models and Pricing

Smaller facilities: SMARTfit™ Trainer 2 – Group X between 10 and 20
Medium facilities: SMARTfit™ Trainer 3 – Group X between 15 and 30
Large facilities: SMARTfit™ Trainer 4 – Group X between 20 and 40

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