SMARTfit Mini

SMARTfit Mini is an on-frame system that incorporates the ability to move the station up and down as needed to suite the reach height of players.  The system can be permanently bolted to the floor or stabilized with sandbags.  The portable option provides a wheel system that allow for raising the system off the floor and moving through doorways.

This portability makes the SMARTfit Mini a good option for in-patient rehab facilities, classroom sharing in preschools and early elementary schools as well as senior living facilities, functional training/personal training rooms, kid’s clubs, physical/occupational therapy clinics, and active aging facilities.

Featuring 33 released game categories offering hundreds of customizable options make for unlimited programming and workout plans, trainers can set specific activities for their clients and track their results.

There are 77 arithmetic brain training variations, SMARTfit Mini is an ideal option for locations where ball play is not an option and where cognitive and motor training are the primary focus as it offers a cluster of targets located in a smaller space.

SMARTfit’s iOS/Android Bluetooth Interface allows trainers and users to customize activities, store them and track and manage results with ease.

SMARTfit Mini offers activities such as Chase the Target, Lights Out Race, ABC, Equations, Track Colors and Emoticons, Step Counting and many other fun engaging activities designed to challenge players both physically and mentally.

The Equations suite teaches mental arithmetic such as learning square roots, addition, multiplication, division and subtraction during game play making it fun to learn.

SMARTfit Mini Specifications

SMARTfit Mini requires a minimum of 4’ x 6’ of playing area and an ideal of 8’ x 20’ if running is included. Extend the system’s capability with the addition of wireless SMARTfit Strike Targets to create a 360 degree playing environment.

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SMARTfit 2018 Product Catalog 

SMARTfit Mini Brochure and Spec Sheet