Praise for McAllen ISD Fitness Director

Thanks to The Monitor for publishing a piece by Mario Reyna about the efforts within the McAllen Independent School District to fight childhood obesity, you can read the article here.

Our own Tom West wrote a letter to the editor applauding the work of Mr. Reyna following his work in achieving a Carol White PEP Grant to help fund the installation of SMART Technology for the children to use.

I’d like to applaud Mario Reyna and his team at McAllen Independent School District (see “Commentary: RGV families need to get physically fit”) for taking the lead in encouraging the entire community to work together to combat childhood and adult obesity. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mario as a supplier for their Carol White PEP Grant, and we’re pleased to be a part of their efforts.

One additional thing to consider, as everyone comes together in this effort, is that study after study have shown that physical activity is not only good for your physical health, but it’s also great for the brain and personal productivity. A 2009 study by the Cooper Institute in Dallas, drew a definitive correlation between fitness levels of 2.4 million Texas school children and their academic and behavioral performances. The same is true for adults, in terms of workplace and community productivity.

Our company, SMARTfit Inc., is providing this kind of opportunity for McAllen ISD school children with equipment and programming that makes fitness more fun, while engaging the body and brain simultaneously. We’re proud to join with Mario and his team and encourage you to do the same, as they seek to address this important health issue in the Rio Grande Valley.

Tom West, SMARTfit Inc.

The “Let’s Move Active Schools” proclamation made by Reyna and the ISD is showing real results with:

  • 36 percent of district students are now regularly engaging in 60 minutes of daily activity.
  • 23 percent of students say they are eating more fruits and vegetables.
  • 25 percent decrease in the number of students with a high body mass index.

Great work to all involved and let’s hope more school districts take notice and together we can help reduce childhood inactivity and obesity!

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