Play Smart, Get Fit and Have Fun With SMARTfit – A Brain-Body Wellness Solution for 55+ and Senior Living Communities

“Thanks to SMARTfit, I have more confidence about my ability to take care of myself as I age.”

“I’ve been working out regularly on SMARTfit for 3 years and it has improved my life,” says Leslie Brtek, a 73-year-old retired school teacher from Santa Barbara, CA. “It creates the engagement and demand that makes it all happen. I start with the intention to get in a few minutes’ workout but it invariably turns into an hour because I’m having fun. I see the difference in my daily life; my mental processing is quicker and I’m staying fit. Thanks to SMARTfit, I have more confidence about my ability to take care of myself as I age.”

Surveys show that older adults fear loss of independence more than they fear death. A decline in cognition or physical ability is worrisome to anyone, and the aging “baby boomer” population’s willingness to invest in delaying these declines opens a strong business opportunity for fitness providers who want to provide solutions that are attractive to this demographic.

This is where SMARTfit shines! It is the reason it has become the go-to choice for 55+ fitness and wellness facilities. Research suggests that engaging in cognitive-motor training simultaneously can be more beneficial than one or the other separately. SMARTfit’s cognitive-motor gamified programming is fun, socially engaging, and offers appropriate, flexible challenges. Participation can have a profound impact on fall prevention, cognitive decline, and general fitness.

SMARTfit’s gamified training not only attracts participation, it actually simulates real life by triggering mental goals that are achieved with physical engagement which results in neurogenesis across the entire neurological system. Because its diverse activities are experienced as games rather than tedious or boring exercise, SMARTfit assists participants in rapidly meeting and exceeding both their mental and physical fitness goals.

Older adults can greatly benefit from SMARTfit because it is fun and engaging and keeps them motivated as their mental and physical skills build rapidly. Brtek sums up, “SMARTfit meets you were you are and takes you were you want to go. I enjoy it and I look forward to my workouts.”

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