Play is Critical to a Great Education

At SMARTfit Inc. we follow the blog over at, we loved their recent post “Play is Critical to a Great Education”. We agree whole heartedly that play is critical to a great education. We argue for bringing play and action based learning into all schools.

KaBoom’s core goal is to ensure there is a playspace within walking distance for every child in America. But they promote a wide range of initiatives and schemes that help children. A great organization, you can read their article here:

Play is Critical to a Great Education

At SMARTfit Inc., the importance of fun, play and exercise is central to our products. The initial goal of founder, Cathi Lamberti was to create a technology that engaged children as much as video games but incorporated the physical exercise diminishing in many children’s daily lives.

The discussion in the KaBoom piece focuses on Kindergarten but a program incorporating healthy and fun ways to exercise is beneficial for the success of students of all ages. Along with the physical and academic benefits we have had reports of diminished disciplinary and truancy incidents when schools have utilized SMART technology in their programming.

How active are your children? It is certainly something worth considering and promoting within your schools. Ask your kids what exercise they are doing at school and how they feel about it. Speak with your PTA about incorporating some action based learning or play based fitness activities into their routines.

Lets help build a nation of healthy, active, and academically successful kids. View more about SMARTfit for K-12 Education here!

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