Why Occupational Therapists Love SMARTfit Solutions

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists help clients with a variety of strength-training concepts that influence posture, muscle and core strength, as well as the development of fine and gross motor skills. While Occupational Therapists work tirelessly with patients to achieve their goals.  It can be challenging to keep their client’s prolonged attention. This is especially true for pediatric patients whose attention span and interests require that their therapy sessions be engaging and fun.

SMARTfit systems provide Occupational Therapists the tools they need to better serve their patients. The interactive solution increases participation and encourages kids to challenge themselves to gain skills easier and faster. Children are actually excited to show up for their therapy sessions.

According to Occupational Therapist, Dr. Kimberly Koretoff, “Our clients always ask to use the state of the art board during their sessions, and they are constantly motivated to improve their scores and overall performance.” Specifically, this facility is using The SMARTfit Trainer and Play Pods which offers a three-dimensional component to the way that patients are working on sensory integration. The games are not only designed to help with physical development, but the number and letters games can also improve valuable skills that enhance their academic progress.

Essentially, SMARTfit allows Occupational Therapists to address a variety of skill development that simply isn’t available through traditional approaches. Koretoff concludes, “In general, the SMARTfit Trainer is one of the best comprehensive activities to address all aspects of sensory integration treatment, and our clients have seen wonderful results that translate to their academic, personal, and social lives.”

Finally, there is an alternative to how kids are learning the valuable skills that they need in occupational therapy. SMARTfit simply provides a fun platform that gets kids excited to learn and develop the skills that they need to live a more productive life.

Interested in How You Can Use SMARTfit Solutions for OT?

SMARTfit, Inc.’s systems combine brain fitness with body fitness improving physical, sensory, and cognitive performance. Our systems create an engaging, multisensory experience for all ages and abilities. SMARTfit™ exercise technology utilizes the latest in Brain Body Exercise Science to bring you a unique solution that improves mental and physical fitness. To learn more contact us at 1-800-900-8542 x 110.

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