Vol 4 / October 9, 2019

Greetings from the SMARTfit Team!

It is National Physical Therapy Month and we want honor all of those dedicated clinicians in the PT / Physiotherapy World for their dedication to improving the health, well-being and quality of life for those in need. You are our heroes!

This month, we are pleased to announce a number of exciting initiatives that SMARTfit is involved with and bring you up to date on events happening in our world. In this issue, you will see news regarding our research partner at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Hospital, a piece on gamification and its role in the industry, an inspiring testimonial from a young Italian professional soccer player that attributes his success to SMARTfit training, and this quarter’s conference schedule.

If you are planning to attend any of the rehab and active aging conferences this quarter, please make sure to stop by and visit us.

SMARTfit and Rancho Complete Initial Training Program

In late August 2019, the SMARTfit Team initiated training on SMARTfit cognitive motor training technologies at one of the nation’s top-ranked rehabilitation facilities, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Hospital. Over the course of three days, 30+ staff members from Acute Rehab Department, Outpatient Rehab Department and The Rancho Wellness Center completed…

Athletic Business Magazine Takes a Look into Gamification and its Role in the Fitness Industry

Gamification is taking on a serious role in the fitness industry as its power to engage becomes understood. This power is being utilized to not only attract participation in exercise programs but to also build retention. People love to connect socially and have fun and gamification provides a whole new spin on personal and small group training for youth as well as older adults.

Professional Soccer Player Includes SMARTfit in His Blueprint to Become Elite

I’m Marcos Matthews, I play for Leganes B in Madrid. 

When you look at the differences in the level of play between the high school level, the college level, and the professional level the main factors is your decision-making and how fast you can make those decisions. Making intelligent decisions comes with experience playing the game but to improve your the speed at making those decisions is the area where players fail the most.  You not only have to be a good athlete, you also need to know how to process all the moving parts of the game efficiently and quickly in order to stay ahead and win. 

This is where SMARTfit saved me.  As a freshman in high school I was…

International News:

SMARTfit is Changing the Landscape of NeuroSports Through Cognitive-Motor Training

On Thursday, September 12th, 2019, our British distributor, Reinvent Lifestyle HS hosted their grand opening which was focused on emerging technology and cognitive training for athletes to prepare them for the growing “new age of sport”, also known as NeuroSports. This growing industry is re-shaping the potential of athletes in a variety of sports.

Multiple experts presented talks on technology in the sports related field, such as Biofeedback, Improving Athletes’ Speed and Decision-making, Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Sports, and Recovering from Sports Related Concussions.

B2C Marketing Tools - Tell Your Customers That SMARTfit Has Arrived at Your Facility

Whether it is to inform your customers of new programs or to tell them about how you are addressing cognitive health at your facility, on-line or in printed format, we provide you with the tools to customize your message. Check out our growing library of materials. Bookmark the B2C page for quick  access and use these tools to help promote your business. If you need something more specific, contact us for direct help with any materials. Contact: chris@smartfitinc.com


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