Vol 2 / July 31, 2019

Greetings from the SMARTfit Team!

In this month’s SMARTfit News, we are happy to share a number of inspiring pieces with you from the U.S. and International Rehabilitation Markets. Also, for you SMARTfit users, we have a System Upgrade update which you will find most useful. 

If you would like to learn more about SMARTfit Visual Cognitive Motor Platform technology and how it can benefit your patients and practice, we would be happy to schedule a Zoom Video Conference demonstration for you and your staff. Please contact us at info@smartfitOS.com or via our website at www.smartfitos.com

Florida Movement Therapy Centers now using SMARTfit in their facilities

Florida Movement Therapy Centers choose SMARTfit

Ed Grey speaks about how they have incorporated SMARTfit into their facilities.

Leading Universities collaborate over SMARTfit technology at Rancho Los Amigos Nat'l Rehab Center

Doctors and Professors have joined forces to research new technology that is designed to enhance visual, cognitive and motor performance in the areas of stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and concussion syndrome.

Prevention for Cognitive Disorders Must Start Early for Active Agers

n the Americas, it is estimated that 9.4 million people fall into the cognitive disorder category. By 2050 and estimated 29.9 million in the Americas will face some sort of cognitive disorder. These numbers are astounding, and the economic burden will be higher than cancer, diabetes, and respiratory conditions combined.

With proper exercise, we can change these numbers.

International News

New Australian Distributor Receiving Great Response

Since joining SMARTfit’s growing network of international distributors earlier this year, Neurotek has been receiving great response from both Therapists and patients.

SMARTfit System Upgrades:

SMARTfit hardware upgrades are being made available periodically to our customers and the latest upgrade is now available for current users of SMARTfit Mini, Single and / or Strike Pod Systems. Users will receive automatic alerts for new app and hardware updates via your SMARTfit app which is used to install updates to your SMARTfit hardware. There are five different software files that may be available for update: Controller, Display, Wired Targets, Wireless Targets, and BLE (Bluetooth protocol). 

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