Local Soccer Star Shines in US Open Cup with Help from SMARTfit Reaction Training

SMARTfit Reaction Skills Training for Soccer

The United States Open Cup is the oldest soccer competition in the country, dating back 100 years.  One Southern California athlete is using SMARTfit’s new groundbreaking technology to star in the century-old tournament.

Cal FC midfielder TJ Fairchild scored two goals Sunday night as Cal FC defeated Valley United SC, 4-0, in a US Open Cup qualifying match.

“Overall, we got the win as we expected, and showed the depth and knowledge of the team,” Fairchild said, “I’m sure we’ll continue to perform in that manner throughout the Open Cup.”

Fairchild works out regularly at the SMARTfit facility in Oxnard, California, and credits the technology for helping him elevate his performances on the pitch.

“SMARTfit has contributed massively to my performances in games and at practices.  It’s kept me sharp, focused, and quick with my thoughts and movements,” Fairchild said, “It’s an advanced technology with advanced workouts that challenges me to push through barriers that many athletes don’t get the chance to experience.”

Fairchild competes on a number of games on the SMARTfit ProTrainer, and receives extensive benefits that improve how he performs on the field of play. SMARTfit Reaction Skills Training for Soccer can be played on the following games:

Game 302 “Chase the Panel” is ideal for soccer players, as it allows a player to work on accuracy, footwork, and reaction skills.

Game 220 “Chase the Target” helps improve balance, tracking ability, and cognitive function.

Game 101 “Rally – All Targets” is designed specifically for team building, and develops positional awareness, control, and timing.

“I’m thankful that I can continue to improve my mental quickness and my reaction speed on a regular basis,” Fairchild added.

Visit the Sports Performance section of our site for more information on how SMARTfit can help your development as an elite athlete.

Cal FC has an outstanding pedigree in the competition, having reached the 4th Round proper of the US Open Cup in 2012.  This famous run involved upsets of two professional teams, including MLS’ Portland Timbers.  They’ll play the Los Angeles Wolves in the 2nd Round of US Open Cup qualifying on November 21.  The location will be announced later by US Soccer.

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