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SMARTfit™ is a powerful option for optionsPE because it trains the brain for academics while students work out and the electronic games quickly make webinarPE a favorite subject.

Now installed in over 1,000 schools, SMARTfit™ group training systems have proven a winner at improving fitness, school attendance, sports skills and academic performance and are popular with elementary, middle and high school students of all abilities regardless of their athletic ability or interest.

Capable of accommodating groups of up to 40 students find the classes highly engaging where PE feels more like recrea

tion than hard work. SMARTfit™ PE provides an inclusive way to engage participation from all students as it trains the brain for academics while students work out and the electronic games quickly makes PE a favorite subject. Teachers see a rapid i

mprovement in physical and cognitive performance as well as social skills along with a reduction in aggressive behavior and out-of-school-suspensions.

SMARTfit™ provides the space for all kids to acquire basic sports skills such as throwing, catching and timing, providing them the confidence to try playing sports.

Documented positive SMARTfit™ effects such as:

  • Increased MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity) to over 50% of class-time (PEP reporting requirement)
  • Fitness– Accommodate large classes, up to 40 students regardless of age or skill level.
  • Sports– Programming is available for all of the ball sports and is applicable to both beginner and advanced level training.
  • Neural/Cognitive– Neuroplasticity, proprioception, attention, visual acuity, memory and motor coordination.
  • Social/Behavioral– Fun and inclusive; team building, cooperation, competition, social development.
  • Improved focus and concentration – Results carry over into the classroom and creates an improved atmosphere for learning.
  • Tracking– Track workouts, scores and heart-rates to monitor progress.

View our review from Kathi McGuigan of Greater Amsterdam School District who installed five SMARTfit Multi-Trainer Systems in their Middle Schools

“My favorite product in 46 years of teaching”- Karen Kaplan, Health & Fitness Teacher

 SMARTfit™ group training systems have been proven a winner at improving fitness, school attendance, sports skills and academic performance.

Applications – PE, Adapted PE, After School, Special Education, Sensory Processing, Action-Based Learning, Behavioral Programming, Sports Training

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