PEP Grants Helping to Elevate Test Scores?

SMARTfit PEP Grants Improve Test Scores

PEP grants have gone a long way in helping cure the inactivity epidemic in specific districts and institutions throughout the country, as grantees finally have the opportunity to spend money on progressive tech solutions that help youths establish positive, lifelong physical activity habits.

Are you truly maximizing your PEP spend each year by investing in tech that simultaneously elevates physical activity and brain function?

SMARTfit – A Great PEP Grant Option for promoting academic excellence

There are so many options on the market today, but SMARTfit™’s “Vitality Gaming Systems” uniquely helps kids develop consistent, physical exercise habits in an enjoyable gaming environment, while also facilitating cognitive growth.

What does that exactly mean?  It means kids using SMARTfit™ systems perform better both physically and cognitively than those that take part in standard physical exercise.  This accelerated cognitive function can help enhance performance in classes and, we believe, even elevate test scores with long-term use.

SMARTfit-NapervilleStudyA group of students at Naperville Central High School voluntarily took part in “Zero Hour” daily exercise over two semesters, and   engaged each day with SMARTfit (formerly Sportwall) technology.   This study was done over a year to assess improvement in reading levels between those that attended “Zero Hour,” and those that didn’t.

The team at SMARTfit™ would be thrilled to set up a multimedia demo for you and your staff, and demonstrate over videoconference the effectiveness of our powerful, cutting edge technology, and the impact it can have on today’s youths both outside and inside the classroom.

Since SMARTfit PEP Grants Improve Test Scores, it is a great choice to assist youth with improving academic scores while they exercise and have fun.  Join us in the movement to end inactivity by reaching out to us today. We would love to show you why over 1,000 PEP Grant winners are using our equipment.

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