Increase Revenue Marketing Your SMART System

Last month we received a Facebook tag from our friends at FO Fitness in Alexandria, Virgina sharing experiences and promoting their business using their SMART ProTrainer.  We were not only excited to see our system getting plenty of use at FO Fitness but thrilled that they are marketing specific Multisensory Fitness Group Classes featuring the ProTrainer.

This is also a great example of showing the benefits of integrating interactive technology while training multiple segments of physical fitness and team play.  Notice that multiple exercises are being performed using only a single game (Game #001) while intensity and competition remain high.

We encourage reaching out to your community and promoting your value as a SMART Certified training facility by sharing experiences through social media channels.   If you need help designing your Small Group X Class and or Personal Training session, click the link below for comprehensive manual:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have to help promote your business or organization.

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