Improve Executive Functioning to Extend Healthspan for Older Adults

Dr. Rob Winningham, leading neuroscientist and gerontologist, was recently interviewed about the critical role executive functioning plays in maintaining independence and quality of life and extending healthspan as we grow older.

“SMARTfit can improve executive functioning better than physical or cognitive exercise alone. 20 years of research says that generalizes, or transfers, to real-world function – things that have never been trained before like activities of daily living that can maximize independence and quality of life”, says Dr. Winningham, Provost and Dean of Academic Affairs at Western Oregon University.

“Here’s a goal! If we can delay dementia by four years, it’s predicted that we can cut the number of cases in half. If you improve executive function – the ability to pay attention, make a new memory, the ability to remember the stove is on, then the research says it generalizes to everything.

The research also says that dual tasking improves executive function more than cognitive exercise or physical exercise alone. It can also save dollars. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that $12,000 per year were saved, on average, in Memory Care facilities that just gave people the option of physical exercise.”

Dr. Winningham interview – Long version

Dr. Winningham interview – Short version

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