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SMARTfit Brian-Body Fitness Training

For most people, fitness is something they have to do, not something they want to do. They join the local health club because they want to lose weight, trim the fat, burn some carbs and lots of other good reasons. For those who don’t join, or quit after joining, it’s often because they find no enjoyment in the experience. Maybe that’s why fitness club membership in the US has been stagnant at around 13% of the population for as long as anyone can remember.

We recently came across an article in Psychology Today titled Exercise and “Flow” by Dr. Pirkko Markula that explores what it takes to make fitness “fun”. It also helps explain why, in addition to all the physical, sensory and cognitive benefits of SMARTfit Brian-Body Fitness Training, it’s “so much fun”.

As psychologists theorize, when participants are “fully immersed in the present moment and in the task at hand”, the result is an “optimal state of consciousness and heightened awareness” in which they “often lose perception of time”. Psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined the term “in flow” to describe this immersive experience that fully engages the senses, body and mind.

SMARTfit technology creates just such an experience, combining continuous interactive feedback with a multisensory brain-body workout that captures participants’ full focus and attention. The result is not only fun, but optimal performance. Athletes have always understood this ideal state as “in the now” or “in the zone”, which is exactly how tennis champion Billie Jean King described her first experience with SMARTfit Brian-Body Fitness Training technology.

Also important to making fitness fun, say psychologists, is an experience that is “perfectly matche d to the skill level of the participant/athlete”. The aim is that it is just testing the boundaries of their capabilities, so while the experience is challenging there is a level of success. MultiSensory Fitness’s sophisticated SMARTfit technology responds to the pace of the user so it’s appropriately challenging at any level. Whether you’re a professional athlete or rehab patient, the system will meet you at your skill level and speed.

“Sport and exercise psychologists talk about fun as a way to motivate people to exercise”, says Dr. Markula. People are more likely to participate if it’s fun, but not “fluffy” fun. It needs to be engaging, challenging and motivating. A SMARTfit Brian-Body Fitness Training workout delivers on all four*.

*Rated #1 in enjoyment and energy expenditure in a University of Massachusetts Boston study comparing various interactive fitness solutions with traditional exercise

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