Greater Amsterdam marks 100th SMARTfit Technology Installation

SMARTfit Next Generation Exergames Purchased With a Carol M. White PEP Grant

SMARTfit next generation exergames has been incredibly popular within the schools network where they are finding popularity at the elementary, middle and high school levels.  To date, they are now installed in close to 200 schools and are being used for PE, after-schools fitness classes, sports training, occupational and physical therapy as well as adapted PE and special education.

SMARTfit’s target games utilize sensitized targets and that display colors, letters, words, numbers, shapes and symbols to drive cognitive games during physical game play replacing exergames systems previously supplied under the Sportwall and Xergames brands.

SMARTfit next generation of exergames provides a wider range of enjoyable games and cognitive challenges to players while they concurrently build their cardiovascular fitness, sports skills and neurological efficiency. This type of multisensory brain-body engagement is one of the reasons we have quickly passed our 200th installation SMARTfit, The Next Generation of Exergames.

The 100th and the 186th are two of six sites located at schools in Greater Amsterdam and we are really excited to share this moment with the Greater Amsterdam School District.

Thank you and congratulations on the fabulous video you have created which shows how you are using the systems.  We have chosen to feature on our own website:

Install picture

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