Good Athletes vs. Great Athletes – What Matters?

SMARTfit Brain Speed Training for Athletes

This is something we’ve learned from our scientific reading, research, and working with top athletic talent:

Strength is critical, but what truly separates the elite athlete from the good athlete is speed.
Not sprint speed, but information processing, or brain speed.
The best running backs see impediments to their progress that others don’t, adjusting instantly without losing focus or balance. Just like the greatest point guards see everything on the court, reacting rapidly and accurately, fully functioning “in the zone”.

See how our SMARTfit Brain Speed Training for Athletes trains “in the zone” performance, contributing to one college player’s brain speed and on field focus in a single month, with percentage improvements in: speed 6%, reactions 25%, focus 20%, balance 246%.

See how SMARTFit Brain Speed Training for Athletes can work for your Sports Performance program or fitness facility.

Regardless of age or ability, SMARTfit Brain Speed Training for Athletes work wonders in improving an athletes ability to perform under pressure will applying strategy and technique.


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