Getting Started: Adjust the Sensitivity of Your SMARTfit™ ProTrainer

How to adjust the Sensitivity of your ProTrainer


Adjusting Sensitivity of the Panel to Match the Power of the Player

The sensitivity of the sensors in your SMARTfit™ Trainer/Pro Trainer will determine whether your strike will be registered in the game and will need to be adjusted for different uses. Training with a medicine ball will require less sensitivity than using hands or a noodle. The same applies to different populations i.e. training an adult will require less sensitivity than training a senior or a toddler.

If you find that the sensitivity needs to be adjusted for your desired use, refer to directions below:

1. Press the Game (Red) button to put the systems into set-up mode.

2. Press the Level (Yellow) button to access the sensitivity adjustment mode.

3. The “-” and “+“symbols will appear on the bottom two targets. (The top two targets are for adjusting levels in some of the games)

4. The range is 1-5 and the recommended default setting is 3. Medicine balls and weights should be 1 or 2, playground balls 3, and hands and noodles should be 4 or 5 depending on how hard the person hits.

5. The “+” sign will adjust your sensitivity for higher impact games and the “-” sign will adjust your sensitivity for lower impact/touch games.

6. Choose your desired sensitivity level by tapping the “+” or “-” until it is reached.

7. After a 2 second pause the system will save the setting and the game will start. Use the list below for as a guide on where to select the best sensitivity: For low impact: a noodle, or a light touch start with “5”. For medium impact: a playground balls or firm touch, start with “3”. For high impact: a medicine ball, or air-filled sports balls start with “1”.

For Advanced Training where greater precision is required, decrease the sensitivity level to 1.