Getting Serious About Senior Fitness

SMARTfit Fitness Programs for Seniors

Earlier this week, we shared some information relating to the impact that exercise can have on the brain, specifically in seniors.  We hope you have been thinking (pun intended) about that a lot over the last few days.  And if you are a senior that’s been putting it to practice, you probably have been feeling a lot better over the last few days due to these increased exercise practices.

According to the US Census, America is an aging nation.  This is, by no means, a bad thing.  It just means that an increasingly high percentage of the population will be over 50 if trends continue over the next few decades.

With this segment of the population growing, it’s plain to see that a lot of businesses aren’t doing enough to meet the needs of our “aging population,” specifically fitness facilities.

When was the last time you visited your local gym, and saw senior programming featured?  Or looked at the advertisements on the walls and saw pictures of baby boomers?  Or attended a class specifically for seniors?  Anyone…anyone…Bueller?

It’s very rare.  And it’s partially because fitness centers have not invested in the necessary programming to cater to the senior population.  That’s part of what makes SMARTfit technology so viable in a litany of settings.

By installing SMARTfit Fitness Programs for Seniors, one can conduct classes for seniors, boomers, kids, functional trainees, and serious athletes, all while engaging them in a game-based, multisensory, brain-body exercise.

Fitness centers will increasingly need to shift their focus to this segment of the population.  The team at SMARTfit is ready when you are.


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