Gamified Group NeuroFunctional Programs for All Ages & Abilities

We have great news for all of you looking for a group brain and body training solution for your programs!  We call it SMARTfit NeuroFunctional training.

It’s engaging, fun, and high-energy, offering side-by-side individual and team competition with hundreds of cognitive and physical games that measure results and track progress.The idea is to improve human performance for all ages and abilities by challenging the brain and body together, just like in real life.

SMARTfit NeuroFunctional training is based on dual-tasking, proven to produce faster and more effective outcomes than training the brain or body separately.

Click on the SMARTfit Logo above, then choose “Rehab” or “Performance/Fitness” to learn more about the benefits of SMARTfit for the specific populations you serve.
Click HERE for a no-obligation consultation to see if SMARTfit could be a good fit for you
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