SMARTfit™ Squat & Hold

Objective: This exercise helps decrease the heart rate, while simultaneously challenging the core and leg strength with hip mobility
Equipment: SMARTfit™ Trainer, Medicine Ball (2lbs), BOSU Ball, and Handled Medicine Ball (2 Lbs)

Activity level 1: Low Cognitive and  Low Physical Intensity
Organization: Player starts within arm’s reach of the training station. Player assumes the squat position with knees bent to 90 degrees. When the trainer says go, player will strike the
first active target. Continue for 30 seconds.
Suite: M Game: 4 Level: 2 Sensitivity: Medium Time: 30 seconds


Activity Level 2: Medium Cognitive and Medium Physical Intensity
Organization: Player holds an isometric squat while using handheld medicine balls to chase the emoticon.
Suite: B Game: 4 Level: 3 Sensitivity: Medium Time: 45 seconds


Activity Level 3: High Cognitive and High Physical Intensity
Organization: Player holds an isometric squat on a BOSU Ball while using a medicine ball to chase the emoticon with an overhead throw.
Suite: K Game: 3 Level: 3 Sensitivity: Lowest Time: 45 seconds

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