SMARTfit Side Planks

Objective: Improve core stability, and trunk rotation

Activity Level 1: Low Cognitive Intensity and Low Physical Intensity

Organization: Player starts parallel to and facing the system, while lying on their side, on a BOSU (for support) with arm lowest to the ground over the top of the BOSU. When  player lifts hips off the BOSU and lifts top arm to strike the lower 2 rows of targets for points. Play 30 seconds on each side.

Game Category: Knock the Lights Out – Keep 3 On Time: 30 seconds Sensitivity: Medium  Level: 1 Targets: Lower 2 Rows Item: BOSU Ball

Activity Level 1: Medium Cognitive Intensity and Medium Physical Intensity

Organization: Add 45 seconds to the game time. Game is played the same as activity level 1, but the BOSU ball will be removed and the player will strike a single moving target.

Game Category: Track the Letter Time: 45 seconds Sensitivity: Medium Level: 2 Targets: Lower 2 Rows

Activity Level 1: High Cognitive Intensity and High Physical Intensity

Organization:  Add 60 seconds to the game time. For increased resistance lift top leg and add a 2 lb handled medicine ball. Play the same as Activity Level 2, except the player will seek the letter.

Game Category: Seek the Letter Time: 60 seconds Sensitivity: Low Level: 3 Targets: Lower 2 Rows

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