Crossover Crunch

Objective: Strengthen Core and torso rotation

Activity Level 1: Low Cognitive Intensity and Low Physical Intensity

Organization: Player sits on stability ball with feet on the ground and toes touching the SMARTfit Trainer. When the trainer says go; player will crunch up to touch a left sided target with right hand, a right sided target with left hand, and the center target with both hands. Player repeats for 30 seconds.

Game Category: Track the Color Time: 30 seconds Sensitivity: Medium  Level: 3 Targets: Middle 3 Rows

Activity Level 2: Medium Cognitive Intensity and Medium Physical Intensity

Organization:  Same as Activity Level 1, except now player is seeking the color.  The player will hold a 5 lb or heavier medicine ball. They will gently tap each target to score points.

Game Category: Seek the Color Time: 45 seconds Sensitivity: Low Level:Targets: Middle 3 Rows

Activity Level 3: High Cognitive Intensity and High Physical Intensity

Organization: Same as Activity Level 2, except now player seeking the smiley face. The player will increase the weight of the medicine ball and add game time to 60 seconds.

Game Category: Seek the Smiley Time: 60 seconds Sensitivity: Low Level:Targets: Middle 3 Rows

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