BOSU Twists

Objective: Improve stability and torso rotation

Activity level 1: Low Cognitive Intensity and Low Physical Intensity

Organization:  Place BOSU 2-3’ from SMARTfit Trainer and have player stand on it with one noodle in each hand. When Trainer says go, the player will strike a single moving target as it moves across the middle 3 rows of targets. Targets displaying “L” are struck with left hand; targets displaying “R” are struck with right hand; and Targets displaying “B” are struck with both hands.

Game Category: Track Left Right Both Time: 30 seconds Sensitivity: Medium Level: 2 Targets: Middle 3 Rows Item: BOSU Ball & Noodles

Activity Level 2: Medium Cognitive Intensity and Medium Physical Intensity

Organization: Add 45 seconds to the game time, set game sensitivity to Lowest, and change the active targets to the lower 4 rows. the game is played same as activity level 1, except the player will hold a handled medicine ball in each hand. Player should start within an arms distance of the system. Continue until time expires.

Game Category: Track Left Right Both Time: 45 seconds Sensitivity: Lowest Level:Targets: Lower 4 Rows Item: BOSU Ball & Medicine ball with Handle

Activity Level 3: High Cognitive Intensity and High Physical Intensity

Organization: Add 60 seconds to the game time. Follow the same instructions as activity level 2 except keep one foot in the air for the duration of the game.

Game Category: Track Left Right Both Time: 60 seconds Sensitivity: Lowest Level:Targets: All Item: BOSU Ball & Medicine Ball with Handle

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