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Physical Fitness, Social-Emotional Learning, Brain Health,
and Motor Skills Training For Youth

The Young of All Species Learn Life Skills Through Play! SMARTfit Makes This Happen Naturally

“Train the whole person to be fit, happy, strong and prepared for a long and independent life.”

SMARTfit Pre-Designed Programming

Easy-to-Deliver Physical Fitness, Team Building and Brain Training Solutions Designed for:

  • k-12 education – physical and academic
  • Youth Recreation – after school, parties, social clubs
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Special Needs and Learning Disabilities
  • Sports Skill Development and Sports Performance Training

SMARTfit Is Easy For Instructors

  • Ease of operation
  • Easy control of large groups
  • Pre-designed programs for each age group
  • Automatic baseline and progress tracking
  • Assessments and reporting
  • Teachers/instructors can easily design and manage their own programs 

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SMARTfit Explained

  • Engages high level participation sparked by gamification – kids love to play
  • Combines cognitive and motor skills training while playing real games with real fitness and sports equipment
  • Trains decision-making while moving – dual tasking (scientifically proven to speed up neurological development)
  • Gamified Exercise builds a wide range of skills for sports, team building and social-emotional skills

Why SMARTfit Gamification

  • It simulates real life
  • It’s fun and engaging
  • It allows for customized levelling for each participant.

Blend Your Choice of Physical and Mental Challenges

  • Running, jumping, skipping
  • Balancing
  • Throwing, catching and kicking
  • Tracking, accuracy, placement.
  • Footwork, ball control, quickness, speed and agility

Improve Brain Fitness

  • Processing information faster
  • Focus and concentration
  • Strategy and planning
  • Memory, retention and recall
  • Attention Span
  • Executive function/decision making

SMARTfit improves academic performance and helps youth explore physical exercise in a fun social environment where they develop the skills to play sports in a nonthreatening environment.


SMARTfit MultiTrainer for Youth

The perfect solution for large group training as each station can accommodate up to 12 team participants. Stations can be located up to 6′ apart to allow wider space for activities such as ball play. View Multi-Stations.

SMARTfit Strike Pods for Youth

Perfect for non-permanent locations. Pods can be spread up to 100′ apart indoors or outdoors. Traffic delineator stands allow for easy set-up. Add up to ten additional targets for large groups. View Strike Pods.

SMARTfit ProTrainer for Youth

For large group and team training where ball sports are played. Includes programming for multi-station play as well as backboard play to simulate soccer/football goal, Volleyball/tennis net line. View ProTrainers.

Youth Home

A new approach to combined exercise, learning, and fun.


Kids Clubs and After-School Programs

Stimulating activities give you the academic edge regardless of age and ability level.


Engaging fitness and action based learning of academic content for early childhood, elementary and special needs kids.

Special Needs

Proven cognitive, motor and fitness activities for child care, and child development.

Youth Sports

Engaging sports and motor skills training for youth

Social-Emotional Learning Builds Character

  • Self management
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Relationship skills – learning to play with others
  • Overcoming physical and emotional challenges
  • Social awareness – cooperating with and encouraging others
  • Winning and losing Gracefully
  • Healthy competitiveness
  • Team building
  •  Leadership

SMARTfit Game Suites

SMARTfit offers dozens of different games suites from which pre-designed and custom programming is generated:

This wide variety of games allows Instructors to add progressive cognitive load to exercise:

  • Step Counting forwards/backwards, tables
  • Alphabet forwards/backwards, skip letter, random skip
  • Equations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots, squares
  • Spelling – load any word list in any language
  • Memory – 14 variations
  • Pattern Recognition – symbols, numbers, letters
  • Metronome – rhythm and timing
  • Multiple Choice – letters, numbers, emoticons, shapes
  • Go-no-go – Impulse Control

SMARTfit User Interface Makes It Easy to Operate and Manage Data

  • Dashboard view of child’s overall progress
  • Generate, print or email child’s progress
  • Create unlimited number of accounts
  • Regular software upgrades available for download through the SMARTfit App

SMARTfit Leveling Makes it Easy to Gradually Increase Challenges

  • Increase challenges gradually while building on success
  • Maintain engagement and progressive effort without overwhelm
  • Measure and track success in small incremental steps
  • Build self-efficacy and self-esteem

SMARTfit Neurons That Fire Together Wire Together

When kids are challenged to think and make decisions while doing cardio and skill development exercises, the brain quickly adapts:

  • Processing Information Faster
  • Building memory, retention and recall
  • Increasing Attention Span
  • Managing Stress Better
  • Improving Executive Strategy & Technique Under Pressure

The Brain Interacts with the World Through the Body


SMARTfit ProTrainer

SMARTfit MultiTrainer

Strike Pods

Single Trainer

SMARTfit Android/iOS App User Interface

  • Easy access to programming developed by industry experts.
  • SMARTfit’s wide variety of brain health programs are easy to access and personalize.

Experience the Power of SMARTfit for your Facility

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