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SMARTfit White Papers

SMARTfit in Mental Health

SMARTfit interactive brain health training solutions offer a unique approach to improving the physical, cognitive and mental health of individuals who usually don’t work out or play sports.  The key to engaging these populations is the use of gamification to immerse participants in playing exercise games that are easy to learn yet engaging, with enough challenge to trigger the desire to achieve and improve.

The Effects of a 5-week Technologically-Enhanced Cognitive-Motor Dual-Task Training Program on the Cognitive Functions of a Healthy 70-year-old female

SMARTfit Dual Tasking Training: The Science Behind SMARTfit's Cognitive-Motor Integrated Approach to Exercise for Boomers and the Active Aging Population

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the 2018 costs of Alzheimer’s dementia in the US alone total approximately $277 billion dollars. With a steadily increasing population of older adults, it has become critical to detect, manage, and prevent cognitive decline. Exercise and other lifestyle factors have been shown to helpful in doing this, yet more aggressive and innovative solutions have yet to be popularized.

Sports Performance Training - Gamified Dual Tasking for Athletes

Brain Health and Skills Training for Youth

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