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SMARTfit Platinum Service Plan & Turnkey Services

Every SMARTfit® System is Covered by an 18 Month Platinum Warranty.
We’ve Gone the Extra Mile to Ensure a Sustained Return-On-Investment at Your Facility.

Our SMARTfit Integrated Brain-body training solutions are designed to become part of your facility’s attractions for decades. Beyond great products the extras we provide in product placement, leasing, programming, on-site installation, training, and ongoing service and upgrades for the life of your system are designed to help you get a quick return on your investment and maintain retention for years.

This includes:

Design Assistance with Choosing the Best Location for Your Equipment:

Installing your SMARTfit equipment in the right location is critical to ensure that you get the best return on investment. Send us a photo of the location you plan to install our equipment and we will send you a floor layout so that you can see how it will fit in your location. This service is free, so please take full advantage of our offer to ensure that you select the best location for our products. Remember, our products appeal to all ages, so choosing a space that everyone can enjoy will give you greater usage, and therefore greater return on your investment. Try to avoid heavily used basketball courts as they prevent full commitment to the product and limit your ability to enjoy the full benefit of your investment.


Ask about our leasing options. Spread the investment in your new profit center over a 3 or 5-year lease. Our leasing program will cover all costs of all equipment, facility modifications, staffing and services under one lease making it easy to turn a profit quickly.

B2C/POS Marketing:

Our on-line library of photography and advertising artwork do a great job at promoting the arrival of your product at your facility and its continued and expanding programming options. Ask for the link to our marketing library of images and artwork that will support you in customizing your message to your members and users about the arrival and programming available from SMARTfit.

Free On-line Programming:

No other company focuses this heavily on programming as it ensures sustained use at your facility. Programming turnkey treatment plans designed to be tailored to the needs of each client.

Check out our programming on our website and make sure all of your trainers have bookmarked the location on their smartphones and computers so that they can access and print off new lesson plans and drills any time. Additional refresher training is available to cover for staff turnover. This way we can assist you in keeping your staff fully trained and connected at your facility.

On-site Installation and Training:

Our new SMARTfit systems can be installed by you or a local contractor if you choose or we can refer a white glove service to make this happen without stressing you out. We also offer extensive video training support as well as both:

On-line and Facetime training for free; and full on-site installation, set-up and training support for a fee. We will plan the delivery prior to our arrival, supply full on-site installation, and then fully train your trainers on how to use the systems to meet their requirements if you so require. We will also train your appointed technical support person on how to be our contact person for the handling of all service issues.

Our SMARTfit Video Channel:

Our online video channel is loaded with hundreds of program drills and full turnkey programs to help you get started quickly and inspire your staff to develop new programming plans of their own. This library is included in the SMARTfit iOS/Android App is growing and will continue to serve as the greatest way to capture inspiration for customized sessions that will meet the individual needs of patients without adding workload.

FREE Software Upgrades and Telephone Service for the Life of Your System:

In our business retention is everything. At SMARTfit, we do what we can to maintain our relationship with you for the life of your system and to ensure you get maximum value for the life of your system. We have a plan to release over 1000 games over the next five years. Each category and application offers dozens of programming options for every age and skill level of participants making new refreshed and continual updated content your key to retention and a fresh approach to your programs.

Platinum Service and Software Upgrade Plan for the life of your system:

We understand that down time means lost return on investment (ROI) to you and we understand that it takes more than just great products to bring value to your facility. In order to ensure minimal down time, you need more than a traditional manufacturers’ warranty. It takes a committed team of people who stand behind your product and do what it takes to minimize down-time when it happens.

Our Platinum Service Plan offers you priority treatment, free replacement parts, free shipping, and on-site technical support when needed. At MFI, you automatically receive our Platinum Service and Software Upgrade Plan for the first 18 months. Standard manufacturers’ warranties are not designed to keep you up and running and shipping costs for returns and parts stack up. If your facility is a revenue-producing site, or if you are a hospital or school, you need assurance that everything will be done to reduce and eliminate down time at minimal cost or no cost to you.

Every SMARTfit customer gets the first 18 months of the Platinum Service Plan included and we highly recommend that you sign up for additional years. This will assure you of the best service from a team of qualified trainers, programmers, technicians and service staff; continuous retraining of your staff when you incur staff turnovers; and the latest versions of software, programming, training and service for the life of your system.

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