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Youth Development and Special Education
Through Cognitive Motor Engagement

Visual-Cognitive-Sensory-Motor Learning Solutions for Youth

Kids learn through interactive play.

SMARTfit has designed a suite of active learning solutions for youth including special needs, special education, and early childhood education.

Youth development happens best when kids are at play learning social skills while they exercise and learn. SMARTfit learning solutions provide a tool for youth development specialists to tailor activities to meet the exact physical, cognitive and motor capabilities. SMARTfit’s data gathering and reporting reporting capability can validate progress.

“SMARTfit is one of the best comprehensive activities to address all aspects of sensory integration treatment and our clients have seen wonderful results that translate to their academic, personal, and social lives.” Kimberly Koretoff, OT.

Youth Home

A new approach to combined exercise, learning, and fun.


Kids Clubs and After-School Programs

Stimulating activities give you the academic edge regardless of age and ability level.


Engaging fitness and action based learning of academic content for early childhood, elementary and special needs kids.

Special Needs

Proven cognitive, motor and fitness activities for child care, and child development.

Youth Sports

Engaging sports and motor skills training for youth

Integrating Cognitive Training into Physical Movement

SMARTfit can be programmed to achieve the desired results based on the ability of students. This gives teachers a modern tool to provide enjoyable learning experiences for kids, including with those with special needs. They receive a great workout, learn quickly and develop essential social and motor skills while they play.

“Using the various activities, our kids are able to work on a variety of skills. Their reaction times and accuracy to hit the targets greatly improve over consecutive trials, demonstrating motor learning and quickened motor responses. We are able to work on static and dynamic postural responses, balance, and proximal stability crucial for participation in playground games and Physical Education classes. Furthermore, the numbers and letters games allow our therapists to address sequencing, letter and number identification, visual discrimination, and visual tracking/scanning abilities, essential for school readiness.” – Kimberly Koretoff, OT.


SMARTfit Strike Pods are a natural fit for home schooling, special education, Adapted PE, pediatric care, early child development and youth learning centers.They are priced to fit tight budgets and include extensive video supported turnkey lesson plans that can be quickly implemented into most programs.


SMARTfit Mini

Strike Pods

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