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SMARTfit Training for Parkinson's Disease
Conducted By USC's Physical Therapy Department

Conclusion: In a small cohort of PD patients, we found that gamified DTT implemented using SMARTfit training technology as a rehabilitation tool is feasible, safe, and appeared to show interesting directions to explore for improved efficacy compared to traditional therapeutic approaches.

This article is the first to describe the training benefits of using a gamified training platform that is capable of facilitating visuo-tactile interaction during mental engagement for the implementation of physical-cognitive DTT in meeting the unique challenges of not only mitigating motor and cognitive symptoms simultaneously, but also perceived disability for IWPD.

The use of neurorehabilitation technology in the form of the SMARTfit® Trainer system by physical therapists in implementing a gamified DTT paradigm was demonstrated to be feasible for achieving a total of 24 training hours at a moderate exercise intensity, safely, with no incidence of adverse events.

Study Start Date: May 19, 2018

Published November 25, 2021

USC Research Team Celebrates Completion of this 3-year Pilot Study With SMARTfit Executives

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