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SMARTfit Neurofunctional Human Performance Training​
Enhancing Military Capability at Every Level

Tactical Warfighter, Rehab, Fitness, Support Functions, Youth Programs

SMARTfit Military Applications:

Tactical Operations

  • Assess & Train
    • Cognitive
    • Physical
    • Dual-Task
  • Indoors and Outdoors


  • TBI/Concussion
  • PT, OT, Neuro
  • Independent & Assisted
  • Dual Task Cost Test

Brain and Body Fitness

  • Functional assessment and Training for support operations
  • Base fitness operations

Youth Programs & Education

  • Engaging brain and body fitness
  • Academic – Math, language
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Motor and sports skills

SMARTfit’s Solution:

Designed by top neuroscientists, clinicians, and trainers, SMARTfit enhances high-level cognitive function, physical mobility, and overall human performance by training the brain and body simultaneously.  Its gamified technology and programming engage users while measuring and training a comprehensive range of cognitive, physical, and brain-body (dual-task) performance. 

This approach has been scientifically proven to be more effective than training the brain and body separately. Training them together simulates real-life challenges so the brain and body learn to work faster and more effectively together. 

The Unique Needs of Military Operations:

“Warfighters and support personnel must perform a diversity of tasks across military training and operational environments. Optimal execution of these tasks requires ongoing coordination of physical and cognitive resources to meet the common and unique demands presented by both task and setting.” – Military Cognitive Performance and Readiness Assessment Initiative, 2017

Why SMARTfit?

SMARTfit specifically measures and trains the unique challenges of military operations.


Cognitive and physical speed and endurance


Tolerating distractions – visual, cognitive, manual, auditory 


Tolerating high-pressure conditions with consequences 


Integration of semantic (facts), episodic (prior events) and automatized procedural memory (“motor memory” skills/habits) 


Task interruption, prioritization, switching, resuming 


Physical and cognitive demands to the point of exhaustion 


High demands on capacity and accuracy in working AND long-term memory 


Inhibition of self-centric behaviors that are counter to mission fulfillment 

SMARTfit tests and trains dual-task performance with not only visual, but tactile, high impact, math, language, multiple-object, and other stimuli to enhance physical and cognitive speed and agility, reaction time, inhibition control, proprioception, vestibular function, executive function, attention, situational awareness, and cognitive stamina while under physical stress.

The ability to deploy SMARTfit into a variety of indoor or outdoor training settings further enhances its training potential.

SMARTfit programming activates all domains of the brain


Gamification ensures higher engagement and motivation.

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