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Active Learning PE and Classroom Solutions
for Kids Who Learn Better When They Move

Kids Learn Best When They Play! SMARTfit Sets The Stage For a New Era in Active Learning.

  • Do you have students that learn better with movement?
  • Would you like to provide ALL students with some inclusive learning time?
  • Are you looking for gross motor activities with a standards-based curriculum tied to them?

Brain and Body Fitness for K-12 Students

SMARTfit® offers a range of exercise and active learning solutions for use in schools, youth sports programs, physical education, and special education programs. SMARTfit systems create a multisensory experience for students which helps them to develop and enhance their cognitive, motor , social and physical skills.

Learn How SMARTfit (formerly Sportwall and XerGames) Has Merged Education, Special Education, PE, Adapted PE and Sports Training to Deliver a New Level of Inclusiveness.

SMARTfit 2023 Incorporates The Entire Wish List of Our Customer Base of Over 3,000 Schools.

Youth Home

A new approach to combined exercise, learning, and fun.


Kids Clubs and After-School Programs

Stimulating activities give you the academic edge regardless of age and ability level.


Engaging fitness and action based learning of academic content for early childhood, elementary and special needs kids.

Special Needs

Proven cognitive, motor and fitness activities for child care, and child development.

Youth Sports

Engaging sports and motor skills training for youth

Brain and Body PE Provides the Academic Edge While Making Learning Fun and Socially Engaging

SMARTfit’s gamified technology introduces the element of play which is highly engaging and effective while enabling youth to develop their motor skills and cardiovascular fitness while they learn. Learning feels more like play which enhances retention and desire to participate. SMARTfit excels in early childhood, K-8 grade learning as well as in special education. System options cater for small and large group programming.

Systems Can be Used With all Students Regardless of Their Physical or Cognitive Skill Level.

  • Special Needs and Learning Disabilities
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Sports Skill Development
  • Physical Education
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Mental Health and Wellness
Games For All - Regardless of Physical or Cognitive Abilities

These Are Examples of The Lessons That Come With 2023 Every System

  • Tracking (teaching): colors, letters, counting, step-counting (addition/subtraction),
    Left/right/both – crossing hemispheres
  • Seeking (testing): (colors, step-counting, multiplication, letters, shapes, symbols)
  • Metronome: (variations include touch to the beat combined with Seeking
  • Memory: numbers, letters, symbols and shapes;
  • High Cognitive: Pattern Recognition, Stroop, Memory, Flanker;
  • Equations: multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and square roots
  • Spelling: curriculum words of the week
Send us your ideas! Regular content releases over the internet will ensure our curriculum keeps expanding to include your ideas.  We are just getting started.

A Brain and Body Training Solution For Kids Recovering From Abilities Lost During the Pandemic

SMARTfit gamified brain and body training programs deliver a wide array of educational curriculum where kids have to perform a combined physical, motor or cognitive task to solve prompts displayed on the targets. 

By having to solve problems or complete tasks involving academic content, students are inspired to perform quickly and skillfully for team scores. SMARTfit’s customizable and scalable programming integrates naturally into physical education and sports training programs as well as the classroom.


Math in Motion


SMARTfit ProTrainer

SMARTfit MultiTrainer

Strike Pods

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