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Active Learning PE and Classroom Solutions
for Kids Who Learn Better When They Move

Brain and Body Fitness for Students

SMARTfit® offers a range of exercise and active learning solutions for use in schools, youth sports programs, physical education, and special education programs. SMARTfit systems create a multisensory experience for students which helps them to develop and enhance their cognitive, motor and physical skills.

Sports Performance Home

High performance functional and brain training for sports specific applications

Professional Sports

High performance data validated performance and position specific training for professional athletes

Collegiate Sports

High performance data validated performance and position specific training for college athletes

Youth Sports

Engaging sports and motor skills training for youth

Brain and Body PE Provides the Academic Edge While Making Learning Fun and Socially Engaging

SMARTfit’s gamified technology introduces the element of play which is highly engaging and effective while enabling youth to develop their motor skills and cardiovascular fitness while they learn. Learning feels more like play which enhances retention and desire to participate. SMARTfit excels in early childhood, K-8 grade learning as well as in special education. System options cater for small and large group programming.

How SMARTfit Excels in Educational Environments

SMARTfit gamified brain and body training programs deliver a full array of educational curriculum where kids have to perform a combined physical, motor or cognitive task to solve prompts displayed on the targets. 

By having to solve problems or complete tasks involving academic content, students are inspired to perform quickly and skillfully for team scores. SMARTfit’s customizable and scalable programming integrates naturally into physical education and sports training programs as well as the classroom.


SMARTfit provides educators with a new approach to combined exercise, learning, and fun while offering a diverse range of programs it is easy to integrate into into existing programs. To discover how to implement SMARTfit into your organization, please request a consultation to discuss your project or ask for a personalized videoconference where we can answer your questions in a live demonstration.


SMARTfit ProTrainer

SMARTfit MultiStation

Strike Pods

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