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Gamified Cognitive and Physical Training for Older Adults and the Whole Family

For YMCAs, JCCs, Health Clubs, Country Clubs, City Clubs, Kroc Centers, Senior Centers, Community Rec Centers

Imagine a human performance training solution that takes up no space when not in use and then turns that space into a fun, highly engaging, interactive brain and body experience for all ages and abilities when the systems are turned on.

Science says that training the brain and body together is faster and more effective than training either alone. For your facility, SMARTfit delivers a fun and uniquely engaging brain-body experience that strengthens and builds new neural pathways, improving cognitive and physical health and performance for all ages and abilities.

SMARTfit works with you and your staff to create just such a program and bring the benefits of dual-task training, fun competition, and assessment to your facility.



  • The new HIIT for older adults – challenge the brain AND body, gain confidence, stay active and healthy longer
  • Build physical AND cognitive strength, agility, endurance, & reserve
  • Train like real life – engage the brain, make decisions while moving
  • Motivate members and staff with fun competition, baseline assessments, & progress reports
  • Over a thousand games, predesigned activities, and programs for all ability levels
  • Fits easily into your personal, small, & large group training programs

SMARTfit is Already Making a Difference at Facilities Like Yours

"The Bay County Council on Aging BRAINHealth Program is designed to help build healthy brain routines to prevent, delay or reduce cognitive decline and memory loss that does not have to be a part of the aging process. The SMARTfit System is incorporated into the BRAINHealth Program to enhance cognitive function and physical mobility by training the brain and body to work together more efficiently.
Every participant in the BRAINHealth Program has shown improvements in cognitive processing and motor neurocompetence. The SMARTfit System has the ability to track changes and improvements. This data is significant to the trainer in selecting the appropriate activities to meet the participant needs. The SMARTfit System is fun and provides significant data to help participants gain improvements in their cognitive and motor skills." - Lynn McCrory, Ph.D.
BRAINHealth Coordinator, Bay County Council on Aging BRAINHealth Program
"SMARTfit is being used by our most vulnerable population of seniors citizens. Our wellness staff have been able to help them to sharpen overall mental and physical health and wellbeing utilizing the system. We also have been able to participate in a critical study with the University of Buffalo for research on impacts on cognitive brain function. It has been a welcomed addition and asset to the facility offerings provided for ages young to old." - Danielle Roberts
Vice President of Community Impact, YMCA Buffalo Niagra, NY.
“12 weeks ago, my friends dragged me to the YMCA. I did not want to carry that 6 lb. ball all over the place or stand on one foot, looking like a fool. But halfway through the first class on SMARTfit, I was too busy laughing, sweating, and playing with my friends to think about any of that. And now, 12 weeks later, I can stand on one foot without being afraid of falling, I can walk farther than I could five years ago, and I have a new group of friends who laugh with me and support me“. University at Buffalo, Mild Cognitive Impairment Study participant conducted at William-Emslie YMCA, Buffalo, NY.

Supported by Science

“SMARTfit can improve executive functioning better than physical exercise alone or cognitive alone through dual tasking. The research supports that, and, if we can improve executive functioning that generalizes to things that have never been trained including activities of daily living that can maximize independence and quality of life. This includes the ability to create a new memory, ability to pay attention, ability to inhibit behavior, problem solving and reasoning.”
Dr. Rob Winningham
Phd. Neuroscience, Published Author, Western Oregon University.

Choose Your Solution to Fit Your Available Space and Budget

SMARTfit is designed to fit into any multi-purpose training room and takes up minimal space when not in use. Choose your solution to fit the size of your room and budget.

ProTrainer 2 with Mini

Ideal for group training up to 16 and for spaces smaller than a racketball court. Older adult programs should be limited to 10 participants.

ProTrainer 3 with Mini

Ideal for group training up to 20 and for spaces with an approximate size of a racketball court. Older adult programs should be limited to 10 participants.

ProTrainer 4 with 2 Minis

Ideal for group training up to 30 and for spaces larger than a racketball court. Older adult programs should be limited to 12 participants.

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