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SMARTfit Dual Task Brain Health Programs for Assisted Level Older Adults Designed to Measure, Train and Track Cognitive and Motor Fitness

SMARTfit Brain and Body Training Helps to Individuals in Wheelchairs or on Walkers to Retain Mental and Physical Abilities to Maintain Self Care and Enjoy Life

SMARTfit dual task assisted level brain health program delivers the most advanced, yet easy-to-implement, evidence-based Cognitive-Motor Brain Health Program that can be delivered in a gym or in privacy. This includes a dual task cost baseline assessment as well as a customized exercise program designed to address specific cognitive and physical weaknesses.

SMARTfit can be delivered room-to-room or in a gym. Residents quickly experience improved physical and mental abilities, mood, and confidence from the fun, gamified activities that feel more like play than hard work. Facility ROI stems from attracting, engaging, and retaining residents as well as cost savings from lessening the burden on staff.

Designed to Deploy Programming and Manage Performance Across Multiple Sites

  • The ability for the group to standardize programming across all sites
  • The ability to schedule trainers and clients on a day-to-day basis
  • The ability to view progress and effectiveness of the programs from head office.

Dual Task Training and Assessment Programs Specifically Designed for Assisted Older Adults

  • Baseline tests of cognitive, motor and combined cognitive-motor abilities.
  • Turnkey scalable programs that track progress. 
  • Customized programs that focus on strengthening the identified cognitive or physical weaknesses.
  • Core strength, balance and gait testing and training programs
  • Specialized programs for Parkinson’s, stroke rehab, fall prevention and dementia prevention.
  • The ability to track progress over time to ensure programming is challenging enough but not overwhelming. 
  • Progress reporting validates and motivates.

SMARTfit Tailored Solutions Are Customizable to Meet Each Person's Unique Set of Physical and Neurocognitive Needs

  • SMARTfit App includes the full range of programs for personal and group training. Over 900 video supported exercises sorted into folders that target specific physical and cognitive domains.
  • Take a dual task cost baseline test of mobility and cognitive function while moving
  • Select your perfect pre-designed programming from the SMARTfit menu
  • Track your workouts and graph your progress
  • Retest every month and adjust programming to maintain the challenge as you power to build your physical and mental independence.

"We’re excited because we’re partnering with SMARTfit..."

“One of the crown jewels of our fitness center is the SMARTfit technology. We know it’s not only going to improve our residents’ cognition; it is also going to improve their health.”
Greg Cini
CEAL, CDP, and President/Owner of Kemper House Worthington

How SMARTfit Works in Active Aging Environments

Your program directors can carefully tailor programs to match the required balance of cognitive intensity and physical exertion to the ability level of your members. The result is that seniors can use SMARTfit casually for an easy and fun quick activity, or, as part of a more structured exercise and brain training regimen.

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