Train Your Brain While Working Out

SMARTfit™ is a perfect functional training solution for personal training, HIIT and small group X classes as it attracts new demographics, boosts family memberships, promotes exciting new programming and increases retention. It is a great way to sell FUN back into fitness training while also producing rapid results and improved social interaction. 
 Train Your Brain While You Work Out by merging cognitive and fitness training with – game play.

A perfect addition to any fitness program:

  • SMARTfit – A New & Unique experience for your members – Fitness is Fun Again!
  • MOTIVATING: Competition with self or group/team.
  • ENGAGING: Brain, Social Interaction, Play, Team Building.
  • ENJOYMENT: Desire to keep coming back.
  • IMPROVE: Agility, Balance, Sports skills, Cardio, Hand/Feet Coordination and Speed.

Express Functional Training and HIIT Workouts or Small Group Training Programs
Meet the needs of Every Member – regardless of age, body type, fitness level or goal
Take advantage of Under-Utilized Space

Applications – Express Workouts, Small Group X, Personal Training, Functional Training, Sports Performance Training, Senior Programming.

Products & Programs to look at – SMARTfit™ ProTrainer, SMARTfit Trainer, SMARTfit™ Single, SMARTfit™ Performance Pods.

We offer turnkey solutions including design/layout – marketing support – installation – training – programming – free software upgrades – video channel – customer support.

SMARTfit™ Single and Mini

    • SMARTfit™ Single (SGT, Personal Training, Sports Performance Training, Functional Training)
    • SMARTfit™ Mini (SGT, Personal Training, Sports Performance Training, Functional Training)
    • SMARTfit™ Combo with wireless Strike Targets (Personal Training, SGT, Functional Training, Sports Performance Training)

SMARTfit™ Multi-station Systems

SMARTfit™ Strike Target Systems

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SMARTfit 2018 Product Catalog

SMARTfit Single Brochure and Spec Sheet

SMARTfit Mini Brochure and Spec Sheet

SMARTfit Strike Target Brochure and Spec Sheet