Train Your Brain While Working Out

SMARTfit™ is a perfect functional training solution for personal training, HIIT and small group X classes as it attracts new demographics, boosts family memberships, promotes 
exciting new programming and increases retention. It is a great way to s

ell FUN back into fitness training while also producing rapid results and improved social interaction. Train Your Brain While You Work Out by merging cognitive and fitness training with – game play.

A perfect addition to any fitness program:

  • SMARTfit – A New & Unique experience for your members – Fitness is Fun Again!
  • MOTIVATING: Competition with self or group/team.
  • ENGAGING: Brain, Social Interaction, Play, Team Building.
  • ENJOYMENT: Desire to keep coming back.
  • IMPROVE: Agility, Balance, Sports skills, Cardio, Hand/Feet Coordination and Speed.

Express Functional Training and HIIT Workouts or Small Group Training Programs
Meet the needs of Every Member – regardless of age, body type, fitness level or goal
Take advantage of Under-Utilized Space

Applications – Express Workouts, Small Group X, Personal Training, Functional Training, Sports Performance Training, Senior Programming.

Products & Programs to look at – SMARTfit™ Pro Trainer, SMARTfit™ Trainer, SMARTfit™ Single, SMARTfit™ Performance Pods.

We offer turnkey solutions including design/layout – marketing support – installation – training – programming – free software upgrades – video channel – customer support.

SMARTfit™ Panel Systems

SMARTfit™ Pod Systems

SMARTfit™ Combo, Single and Mini

  • SMARTfit™ Single (SGT, Personal Training, Sports Performance Training, Functional Training)
  • SMARTfit™ Mini (SGT, Personal Training, Sports Performance Training, Functional Training)
  • SMARTfit™ Combo with wireless Performance Pods (Personal Training, SGT, Functional Training, Sports Performance Training

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