SMARTfit PE equipment – In 46 Years of PE, This Teacher has Just One Favorite Tool

SMARTfit PE equipment for K-12

Karen Perry-Kaplan, a K-12 physical education teacher in Wellesley Massachusetts, was one of the first teachers in the country with her new “electric wall”. Today, her “favorite thing I’ve had in my 46 years of teaching” is still going strong.

“I don’t know what I did without them before I had them,” Perry-Kaplan admits. “All the assessment tools you need are right here in these boards — all you need to do is be creative.”

Karen’s “electric wall,” revolutionary in 2003 and still used at over 1500 schools worldwide, uses computer game-based interactive technology to make PE a more fun and effective experience for students and teachers alike. It’s a different kind of “exergame,” one with programming that engages kids in real group exercise, hitting interactive yellow LED targets with their hands, feet, balls and more while running, throwing, catching, doing pushups and sit-ups to achieve their best scores.

While Perry-Kaplan loves her electric wall, she’s got her eye on an upgrade to new SMARTfit technology. “Now, the targets are letters and numbers. The kids will stay active, mind and body together, and this is what helps them learn.” Targets can also be different colors, shapes and symbols and sounds, engaging kids in hundreds of new brain games, including action based learning to meet Common Core objectives.

This merging of brain and body fitness is the new PE. Linda Avalle, Carol White PEP Grant Manager for another Massachusetts school that does have the new technology, says “Our students’ engagement and enthusiasm for PE has never been higher, our teachers are really enjoying the versatile curriculum afforded by the new SMARTfit PE equipment for K-12. Our principals and the superintendent are excited to have a solution that improves student fitness and health while also incorporating brain games and action based learning for math and language skills.”

Watch Perry-Kaplan’s interview about her “electric wall,” as she calls it, below:

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