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Strike Pods Questions

Turn on Hit Delay to 1 second.

  • The Strike targets may register multiple strike when they are attached to a portable stand.
  • To fix this, you should turn on Hit Delay to the 1 second option.
    The Hit Delay option can be found when in a game category or in the User Settings.
    b. The recommended option is 1 second.
         c. Hit Delay determines the time the target will delay before listening for another strike. This is used to eliminate false strikes in targets that may continue to shake or vibrate after being struck. An example is when Strike Pods on stands are struck and shake after contact.
  • Check for any damages to the USB ports.
  • Confirm that all SMARTfit batteries are receiving a charge from the charging cradle.
    The blue lights on each battery should light up when the batteries plugged in and given power.
    b. If one or more batteries are not lighting up with blue lights, then try plugging that battery into a different wire.
    c. If all four blue lights are lit, then the batteries are fully charged, and you can unplug them. Three blue lights is 75 percent battery life, while two and one blue light are 50 and 25 percent charge.
    d. Charge the batteries as soon as the battery is showing one blue light.
  • Look for any batteries that show signs of inflation. You can tell that a battery is inflated if it is becoming harder to remove and insert into a Strike Pod.
    To avoid encountering inflated batteries, you must remove batteries from the charging cradle after 7 hours of change.
    b. You must also unplug the batteries from the Strike Pods after each use.

If you have identified that the batteries are damages, connect with our customer service team.

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