Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - General Questions

At this point, we do not rent out systems at this time. However, we do offer financing at very affordable rates to customers with good credit. Monthly finance fees start as low as $50/month for strike pods and $100/month for a panel-based system.

Yes, we ship to all regions – through our international distributors or directly where we do not have a distributor established.

Standard 18-month warranty applies in all cases and customers are offered on-line service directly with the company when needed.  We do not abandon our customers regardless of when warranty expired.  We will service systems on-line regardless of ability to pay.

Yes, all systems using the SMARTfit user-interface APP are upgradable over the internet. Upgrades are released once or twice per quarter and include new features, programs, games, data tracking and reporting capability. 

Due to the extensive investment SMARTfit is making in new software content designed by clinical experts, subscriptions have become necessary to maintain the quality of this rapidly evolving technology. Starting in early 2022, customers will have the options to only purchase content they want via subscription.  Alternatively, there is an all inclusive option to acquire the systems including 5 years of upgrades at a discounted price.  

Yes, we offer financing via third party suppliers who are very creative in customizing solutions to suite each customer’s needs.

Your SMARTfit Mini or SMARTfit Single controller can operate up to an additional 15 SMARTfit Strike Pods with or without the panel system. There is no need to buy a full system. We do recommend that you purchase extra power banks and a charger.

SMARTfit Strike Pod Systems and the SMARTfit Low Impact systems will ship with FedEx/FedEx air or Ground. If Strike Pod stands are included in the order, then shipment will travel on a pallet by common carrier.

Within the United States, SMARTfit Mini’s and Singles will ship fully assembled on a pallet unless the destination facility does not have a doorway tall enough to receive it or if the system must travel in an elevator. In these cases, it will ship unassembled.

All other systems ship unassembled.

The SMARTfit Mini, Single and Strike pods utilize an Android/iOS app-based user interface on a tablet or cell phone. This device is not provided with the system. See video instructions

The SMARTfit app-based user interface allows you to easily customize what programs you want to see and use.  There is a powerful help section in the App that provides video training at every step.

The SMARTfit Academy Level 1 teaches you how to make good decisions regarding which programs work best in different situations.  However, there are 3000 free applications/programs already available at the push of a button.

Accessing these are the easiest way to get started as they are sorted into folders that are specific for each kind of client application

The SMARTfit user interface offers extensive options to build customized programs and generate customized reports.

Our purchasing guide will help you to determine the best solution for your facility:

First, both systems feature identical software, games and programming and the systems electronically are identical. The difference is in both the size of the panels in which the computerized targets are housed as well as their construction. 

The SMARTfit high impact Mini, like the SMARTfit Single, MultiTrainer and ProTrainer, are built of steel and are capable of being struck by boxing gloves, sports equipment and provide a larger area for rebounding ball play. The frameworks is heavy duty and weighted in order to withstand years of high impact by athletes. 

The SMARTfit Low Impact Mini weighs under 100lbs ($50kg) and is designed for light touch applications such as neuro-rehab and brain health training for seniors and young children.

Size differences:

High Impact Mini panel size: 46” X 46” – weight without frame and controller: 80lbs

Low Impact Mini panel size: 36” X 36” – weight without frame and controller: 30lbs.

Ultimately, your decision comes down to:

  1. Who are my clients/users? If you are training all age individuals in fitness and sports – Choose the High Impact system
  2. Are your clients doing return-to-play sports rehab?: Choose a high impact Mini or Single
  3. Are you clients doing neuro-rehab? (stroke, TBI, concussion, MS, Parkinson’s, autism spectrum, etc: Consider the low impact Mini
  4. Are you planning to deliver training to clients in their rooms or bed-to-bed?: Choose the SMARTfit low impact Mini Portable.
  5. Do you have a space issue where you can’t spare the space required for a larger system? Choose the SMARTfit Mini On-Wall option as it takes up the least amount of space.
  6. Do you plan to move the system around frequently in the gym or clinic?: Choose the SMARTfit Low Impact Mini.
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