Exercise’s Impact on Muscles, Flexibility, Mood and…Microbiome?


We all know that regular exercise improves our muscle tone, mood, weight and flexibility. However, the body is impacted in other areas that may surprise you.  Specifically, microbiome, this area of your gut is full of bacteria and greatly influenced by routine exercise.

Microbiomes are full of small microbes that release various substances in the body that help manage things like inflammation, digestion, energy level and weight control.   With all of the recent TV ads promoting the digestive health benefits of probiotic pills and yogurts many people have become interested in learning the importance of their gut microbiome.  It turns out that we need those trillions of bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microbes to keep our bodies functioning at their best.

Study Proves Microbes Change with Exercise

According to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Medicine, slight changes in microbes can be experienced with routine exercise.

During the study, a group of 32 men and women who ranged from obese to average weight were introduced to a 6-week exercise program. While each person’s microbe count was unique, there were a few similarities that were worth noting. At the end of the program, many of the participants experienced a change in microbes that created short-chain fatty acids. Such acids are responsible for tackling things like inflammation and fight against insulin resistance.  However, these microbes disappeared six weeks following the study for those that did not continue to exercise.

What this study indicates is that exercise may go one step further than just helping us lose weight or gain physical strength.  Regular exercise can help improve our gut health, as well.

Start Improving Your Health

One thing is for sure; we already know that exercise helps us in many different ways and potentially even more ways than we realize! If you are a trainer looking for a new way to improve your client’s overall health, SMARTfit can help. We provide access to a variety of exercise programs that are all-inclusive for engaging body and mind.

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