“Embodied Cognition” – New Math Curriculum

With the White House holding a summit on early childhood education this week one study that is getting some press coverage caught our attention.

Research group MDRC is conducting a study funded by the Robin Hood Foundation to test whether stronger math teaching can make all the difference for young kids. The test sites are in areas marked as “high poverty sites” around New York City and in half the sites they are testing a new math curriculum.

This NPR story opens with preschoolers jumping as they count “to get the feeling of numbers into their bodies – a concept called “embodied cognition”, a concept that is central to the new curriculum.

Embodied Cognition

This concept of embodied cognition is one that really appeals to us here at Multisensory Fitness Inc. From the accounts in the story, “Embodied Cognition” is similar to the benefits we are referring to when we discuss Brain & Body interactive play in relation to preschoolers. Our focus for the development of the SMART Play Pods was to combine the new capabilities of SMART Technology in games and activities that would need a response or reaction to help learn. Games can include elements like, colors, shapes, numbers or other simple math. Using some of our programming games can include help “embody” the math concepts they are learning.

We will be following the results of the study.

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