Dual Task Gamification: Delivering Optimized Brain and Body Health

We were honored to present our first webinar of the new year “Dual Task Gamification: Delivering Optimized Brain and Body Health” with renowned experts Dr. Mike Studer and Dr. Rob Winningham.

Whether for rehabilitation or preventative fitness and wellness, in this webinar recording Drs. Studer and Winningham help demystify the science and practical applications of dual tasking and gamification as they apply to your business or personal needs.  Find out:

  • Why dual tasking has proven to be a faster and more effective path to improved brain and body performance outcomes than physical or cognitive exercise alone
  • How dual tasking increases your training/treatment arsenal to offer the greatest engagement, variety, task specificity, and personalization
  • to understand how gamified technology makes it easy to measure and document dual-task test results to justify comprehensive training or rehab programs

This presentation is for you if you are serve the following populations:

  • Rehab – Neuro, Orthopedic, Vestibular, Concussion, Stroke, Return-to-Play or Work, Pediatrics
  • Active Aging / Senior Living – Independent, Assisted, Memory Care
  • Fitness & Wellness – Older Adults, Brain Health and Wellness programs for all ages, Youth/School programs
  • Chronic disease programs – Parkinson’s, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Dementia
    Athletics- maximizing performance by training the brain and body to work faster and more efficiently together

Learn more in a personalized Zoom demonstration: https://smartfitinc.com/rehab/demo/

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